Zavratnica Bay

Zavratnica is a submerged torrent valley with canyon cliffs about 100m high. At the beginning of the 20th century, an upper path with a viewpoint was built, as well as a walking trail by the sea.
The famous Croatian writer Vjenceslav Novak found inspiration for his works here. Zavratnica is also known for the wreck of a ship from World War II.

Northern Velebit

Velebit is one of the most famous Croatian mountains, it connects the north and the south Croatia.
One of the most famous Velebit passes is Veliki Alan (1414 m). The transverse Velebit road that connects Lika with the sea passes through. From Alan you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and islands. Alan is also a good starting point for mountaineering tours on Velebit, and you can easily reach Alan by an asphalt road from the direction of Jablanac.


It is an old coastal settlement place situated at the foot of Velebit. Jablanac used to be a market town, but today it is a picturesque fishing and tourist resort.
Along with the remains of medieval walls and towers of the settlement of Ablana, there is also the church of Sv.Nikola from the 12th century. In the 13th century, Ablana had the status of free royal city.
Before War World II, Dr. Miroslav Hirtz, a famous naturalist and travel writer, built a mountain lodge on a stone cliff that bears his name today. From Jablanac beach to this lowest mountain lodge in the world lead only 122 steps. This lodge is also the starting point of a marked hiking trail to the viewpoint and the Alan mountain lodge on Velebit, which can be reached in a 4 hour walk.


The town of Senj is a significant for its glorious past, cultural heritage, literature and tradition. As soon as you step into Senj, you witness the brave and proud past of this city, more than three millennia old.
The most monumental monument in the city, but also in the entire Croatian cost is the Nehaj tower, built in 1558 by the uskok general Ivan Lenković to defend the city from the Turks and the Venetians.
Numerous events from the rich culture and tradition of Senj are a special experience, as well as the carnival that has always been in the hearts of the people of Senj. The whole Senj lives for the international carnival in August full of fun, madness and merriment.